As the capabilities and applications of hand-held devices escalates, they demand active study to keep abreast of the advances. I write some notes here to help me keep track of who is doing what to whom. Initially, this section is iTouch- and iPhone-centric.

As reported in my stream-of-consciousness blog, I bought an iTouch early last year. Then mid year, we caved in and got Debby a 3GS iPhone. Rather than regretting this decision, it turns out it was a transformative event for Debby. It has improved her quality of life, a significant achievement for such a tiny device. She loves her iDude.

I use a cell phone only a few times a week, so any old cell phone will serve me well. But Debby lives on her phone and requires email/texting access at all times. That was the deal clincher. And since our extended family all had iPhones, and I had my iTouch, she had begun to feel left out. That problem is also now solved. Since we are together most times while traveling, one iPhone for the two of us is more than adequate and I will continue to lead a Pod-centric life. We are a two iDude family.

Updates: Debby moved up to the 4S and I inherited her 3GS, essentially retiring the iPod touch from active life, although it still sounds great. Since, she has upgraded the 4S to a 5S. The 3GS purrs along slowly after 5.5 years, still going up to 2 full days on a single charge. But I have my eye on an iPhone 6. (It’s been pointed out to me that I am paying for regular upgrades whether I use them or not.) Owen gifted us an iPad mini, which is my e-reader, our breakfast counter news and stocks reporter, and our master music remote control. It also can keep the grandkids entertained. We are now a 4-iDude family, not bad for a senior citizen couple.

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