Online Photo Gallery

Wouldn’t it be nice, I thought, to have a place to display some photos. So I created a Gallery.

There were several hosting possibilities I checked out. I have an account on Flickr, but they behave too much like a social media site for my taste. I tried pBase, but they are fee-based and their trial storage amount was not enough to handle a very small gallery. Life’s too short to deal with cheapskates. I tried Nikon’s Picturetown, but couldn’t get the upload feature to work on my Mac. Life’s too short to deal with broken/non-intuitive software.

Google’s PicasaWeb is where I landed as a first cut. It has the basics for image layout, but being Google, it is not color-managed (ICC aware) and the GUI is their typical amateurish mishmash. Apple has spoiled us.

Years ago I balked at PicasaWeb’s intellectual property sign-over. But I’ve since decided to let them grab whatever they want. No biggie. The images are all lo-rez (10%) anyway, so grab away. If anyone fancies one of the images, though, let me know and I will send you a full-rez copy (~15mb).

PicasaWeb allows me to geo-tag all the images, so my travels can be charted on the globe.

Initially, my Gallery was just for the birds. My initial concept for my bird album was to show the 100 different species for which I have the most satisfactory image. As of 2012, I have exceeded 100 genera and am not throwing many away, so the album has morphed from a photographic display to a bird identification record.

Click a thumbnail of an image to enlarge it, or select ‘slideshow’ to view ’em all. Once a large image is selected, the right sidebar has a link to more info, which will show the name of the file (name of the bird in format Species common name_subspecies common name). Also in the right sidebar is the location of the bird, pinned on a global map.

Since putting up the birds, I have added other albums: one for flower closeups, one for random critters, and one for family pictures scanned from photographs that document some of my childhood. Many of these photos were in bad shape, requiring substantial processing and touch-up.


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