Personality, one’s behavioral affect and expressed values, is primarily determined by genetics. Family, relationships, and other experiences also shape one’s values.

I get in touch with my values by observing and then writing. Values are generally not part of consciousness. One must dig into and explore thoughts on various subjects to discover their emotional underpinnings.

We should not expect our ‘raw’ values to be entirely consistent or useful to us. They spring from our collective emotional well that descends all the way to the red-toothed nature of animal existence. By attempting to harness our primitive values to reason, we become human and moral. Channeling innate aggression and selfishness into useful life frameworks are perhaps the greatest challenges and rewards of such harnessing.

My personality inventory here has two parts. Both are spontaneous and scattered.

Being a card-carrying member of the bourgeoisie, some sense of values may be gleaned by exploring the set of ‘stuff’ that in some way may be said to define me. This is the rationale for the sub-menu titled ‘Stuff’.

Most characteristically and personally, values are revealed through brief anecdotes from my experience; several are included under this menu item.


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