Protect Our ID, Save A Tree, Push USPS Into The Red

I caved to the paranoia side of me and purchased an inexpensive desktop paper shredder. We are now rendering unreadable any paper with personal data. Works great, if of limited capacity.

To ensure its capacity remains adequate, we pursue eliminating paper records of periodic account reports. Just a few boxes to uncheck to save a tree and lighten the USPS load. I doubt that will translate to lower postage rates though. They make money on volume and lose money on lack of volume.

Clearly, more effective USPS management is needed. The digital world will increasingly reduce business and personal communications via snail mail. This has been known for at least a couple of decades, but USPS is clueless about a need or a process to effectively match their scale of operations to mail volume.

This is always the problem with letting government run enterprises. So few are well run. Incompetence and political malfeasance seems to go with the territory. Yet we have a conundrum. Many enterprises are monopolistic in nature, so we, the unrich masses, will inevitably suffer if such business is turned over to private enterprise.

I am not sure what the USPS’s problems are, but my intuition places union self-protection and crap mail at the top of the usual suspect list. Crap mail is probably due to a powerful crap lobby owning a bit of our Congress. Work force scaling is of a long-term nature and ought to be manageable through attrition alone. Which brings us to another suspect, too many management challenges being unmet. And behind the scenes, lack of political will to insist things improve.

Speaking of USPS, I recently needed to ship two large boxes totaling 100 pounds. USPS was a lot cheaper than UPS. Lose some, win some.


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