An Obamacon Celebrates

Perhaps someone knows whether the Obamacons were the crucial ingredient that enabled the 2009 historic inauguration. But even without such formal validation, this Obamacon feels really good to have been a part of history in that small but huge one-man-one-vote way.

The much anticipated speech broke no new ground, but was eloquently powerful in indicting our past performance and evoking a course correction mindset of global proportion. The President knows where we’ve been and knows where we need to go. We wish him well in figuring out how to get us there from here. The answer is beyond my ken.

I’ve been an Obamacon since the 2004 convention speech, cherishing my Republicans For Obama button, and battling back against my unrepentant conservative neighbors with twin lawn signs. Winning feels good, and there’s no winning sweeter than being on the right (correct) side of history.

The inaugural gala spectacle turned out almost note-perfect. The invocation, benediction, and poem were class acts, and Aretha still has some chops. The images of Barack and Michelle strolling down the motorcade route will always be with me, as will the the images of two million people enthralled at taking part in a transitional event in history. I was there (incidentally) during Resurrection City, and remember the feeling of being tangentially part of something much much larger than myself. Every generation needs to experience one such event to gain life perspective.

It will be an exciting term of office. I look forward to each new day’s events. Fight a good fight, Mr. President.

Postscript: This Obamacon Celebrates Yet Again

The Democrats pulled another rabbit out of their hat with a truly impressive 2012 win against odds, putting together a fantastic effort to get the right voters to the polls in large numbers. Micro-targeting and footwork, sharp and blunt tools, got the job done. The country dodged a bullet, and the President can complete his job and get the credit for it. Meanwhile, the oligarchs can stew in their juices for another four years.

No yard signs for us this time, just twin bumper stickers. Mine was defiled twice. Happy to know I was tweaking some of my red neighbors.

Amazing that the Mitt, touted as the great manager in the sky, was beaten so soundly. The better man and better manager ran a country and a campaign simultaneously and excelled in both while the brylcreem dude stumbled off the end of his ugly campaign, leaving his acolytes dumbstruck and his oligarch supporters apoplectic at their wasted hundreds of millions of dollars. The avalanche on bullshit mountain swept the landscape clean for us, at least for the present.


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