An Obamacon Celebrates

Perhaps someone knows whether the Obamacons were the crucial ingredient that enabled the 2009 historic inauguration. But even without such formal validation, this Obamacon feels really good to have been a part of history in that small but huge one-man-one-vote way.

The much anticipated speech broke no new ground, but was eloquently powerful in indicting our past performance and evoking a course correction mindset of global proportion. The President knows where we’ve been and knows where we need to go. We wish him well in figuring out how to get us there from here. The answer is beyond my ken.

I’ve been an Obamacon since the 2004 convention speech, cherishing my Republicans For Obama button, and battling back against my unrepentant conservative neighbors with twin lawn signs. Winning feels good, and there’s no winning sweeter than being on the right (correct) side of history.

The inaugural gala spectacle turned out almost note-perfect. The invocation, benediction, and poem were class acts, and Aretha still has some chops. The images of Barack and Michelle strolling down the motorcade route will always be with me, as will the the images of two million people enthralled at taking part in a transitional event in history. I was there (incidentally) during Resurrection City, and remember the feeling of being tangentially part of something much much larger than myself. Every generation needs to experience one such event to gain life perspective.

It will be an exciting term of office. I look forward to each new day’s events. Fight a good fight, Mr. President.

Postscript: This Obamacon Celebrates Yet Again

The Democrats pulled another rabbit out of their hat with a truly impressive 2012 win against odds, putting together a fantastic effort to get the right voters to the polls in large numbers. Micro-targeting and footwork, sharp and blunt tools, got the job done. The country dodged a bullet, and the President can complete his job and get the credit for it. Meanwhile, the oligarchs can stew in their juices for another four years.

No yard signs for us this time, just twin bumper stickers. Mine was defiled twice. Happy to know I was tweaking some of my red neighbors.

Amazing that the Mitt, touted as the great manager in the sky, was beaten so soundly. The better man and better manager ran a country and a campaign simultaneously and excelled in both while the brylcreem dude stumbled off the end of his ugly campaign, leaving his acolytes dumbstruck and his oligarch supporters apoplectic at their wasted hundreds of millions of dollars. The avalanche on bullshit mountain swept the landscape clean for us, at least for the present.

P-Postscript: A Country Divided

2016 saw the Democrats split between swamp-gal Hillary and balls-out liberal Bernie, leading to a caustic intra-party battle between non-transparent, dirty-trick insider and let-it-all-hang outsider, causing the party to not pay attention to the mood of the country, or to what messages and candidates would resonate in the general election. Too much recent success went to their heads. They threw away a sure win of the executive branch, on Obama’s coat tails. The blue swamp people were showing softness and incompetence.

The oligarchs have earned their day, funding the Republican grass roots effort throughout the Obama years that would, state-by-state, limit voting rights of Democrats by gerrymander, together with voter threats and impediments at the polls. The oligarchs’ money stole the Congress, precinct by precinct, ensuring that even if they lost the general, they could render the executive branch impotent.

Now an electoral map looks like a giant red scab atop our country, with a little healthy blue on the coasts and Rocky Mountain states. In 2008-2016, the blue team won the big battles on bullshit mountain, but lost the war, by being too absorbed in themselves and too little aware of the red battle plan and how to confront it. We’d been out-flanked.

For the first CEO of USA Corporation, we have a bright red populist plutocrat, an ex-media rock star, reporting to his board members, the oligarchs. To make the story better, he appears to have more mental disorders than an average person. A retiring Republican senator, who still knows how to use his brain, commented (overheard on hot mic) that if the new CEO comes to define the GOP, the party is toast. Too bad the congressmen with brains are bailing out of their disfunctional congressional houses, leaving the weenies in charge. Hard to imagine things getting better.

Many of us, in the wildest corners of our imaginations, can actually see a possiblity of our first CEO going postal with the nuclear codes. No, this isn’t crazy hyperbole. Just today it is reported that the General in charge of StratCom assured the public that he would refuse an illegal nuclear order from the CEO if it comes. It’s not just me that is concerned.

At the one year mark, our first CEO’s administration has been a tragi-comical farce of cronyism and nepotism. It is reported his administrative staff will only show him positive polls, a last chance strategy to keep him from coming completely off the rails. The only successes he has had to date are in packing the federal courts with red zealots, some ranked wholly unqualified for any bench by rating organizations, with potential to render truly bad decisions over their lifetime appointments.

His new board of oligarchs have a plan for the USA Corporation, to do away with regulatory impediments and such nastiness as taxation. We will all soon work in a company town and get our daily news from a restricted media pipe. Small businesses will be squeezed until they are solely a cottage industry. We will owe our souls to a company store.

In my day, conservatives understood the need for sound public policy, fair taxation, and regulatory statutes to limit unbridled greed. These new reds are a breed apart; their Republican party is a shell under which the oligarchs operate all the amusements on bullshit mountain. Heil Bullshit. Bye Democracy.

All blue people must unite and re-invent. Because of a stacked deck, it will take more than one person – one vote to get back in the game. But we still have a free press for a few more months, and we must use this time wisely. Through individual activism, strong leader development, and a well formulated and well publicized set of talking points, backed by deeper analyses and a strong basic game plan, we should re-gain control quickly. We will be assisted by the current administration and congress, filled with greedy, zealous incompetents, awaiting their turn to rise on the advancement ladder, to highly-compensated corporate lobbyist. As they fall on their toy swords, we must have developed the candidates and messaging ready to replace them.

If this doesn’t happen soon, USA Corporation will be bankrupt, unable to pay the debt owed on bullshit mountain. As a zero-sum game, the fortunes the oligarch members of the board have stashed offshore may approximately match the tens of trillions in national debt. They will have eliminated inheritance taxes, so reclaiming any of their personal stash and returning it to the people will not be possible. The little people, all of us able to find jobs, will toil at the company store, making our generation’s payment on our national mortgage and supporting all the remainder of our citizens who cannot compete for jobs because their skills and output per dollar will have fallen way behind those of the current generation of robot.


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