Here, find a non-substantive preface regarding what Science means to me. Explore the Science sub-menus to view those substantive topics that have inspired this elder novice’s curiosity, thus motivating my learning and writing about them.

Science is an inspiration and a source of great satisfaction. I seek understanding of scientific knowledge to a level that will support integrating that knowledge into the larger framework, increasing understanding of the workings of our reality. Thank you to all the scientific minds who have gotten their hands dirty in labs and in the field and then integrated all the details to provide the level of knowledge I seek. Thus equipped, I can more deeply commune with nature.

Genetics, genetic anthropology, evolutionary biology, and climatology are current primary inspirations from applied science. I didn’t get to study them much in school, but that hasn’t stopped me from getting to know these subjects, and from logging my thoughts about them. Elementary organic chemistry , as it applies to cell processes and DNA mechanics, is basic to these topics, prompting a little theoretical self-study (but thankfully no labs).

My scientific interests are motivated by an abiding fascination with, and love of, nature, and our human involvement in its workings. But these same interests foster concern for the health of our biosphere, ever more burdened by our increasingly interfering, unhealthy influence.

Mathematics is a field I did study in school, and with which I still have a small competence. It provides a language to extend our intuitions regarding the workings of our physical reality, at the same time providing the tools necessary for all engineering projects.

Physics benefits most from the language of mathematics. For at extremes of scale, beyond our observable world, beyond reach of our experimental machinery, and hence beyond our intuition, mathematics becomes our only window into our reality. It reinforces our intuitions regarding a logical basis for reality. This logic bridges the chasm between nature’s internal-most workings and our observable world.

Evolution is explored in different topics here as an abstract process adaptable to using either genes or memes. Memetic evolution develops language, religion, mathematics, and the other great human thought projects, communicated widely and across centuries.

My condolences to the evolution and climate science deniers, whose only view of reality is through the bars of their doctrinal cages. They are missing so much of the richness and beauty in the great works of the creator. Condolences also to the math phobes, those poor souls who could not overcome societal aversion to math, and whose teachers were unable to motivate an interest in mathematics, as a fun exercise of logic, a way of answering questions and being right about stuff, and as a great second language for communing with nature.


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