Genetics encompasses central aspects of evolutionary biology of plants and animals, cell biology, disease agents, medicine and pharmaceuticals, and husbandry/horticulture. And it touches on other fields as well, for instance by providing metric and identity tools for paleontologists, archaeologists, anthropologists, genealogists, and other forensic investigators.

Once genes and DNA became understood just 60 years ago, we had to re-learn and re-evaluate much that we had learned before. The new toolkit helped to wipe away the veil that allowed biological science to become mired in contention over then unanswerable questions.

The subject attracts me, both as an amateur genealogist, knowledge junkie, and as one interested in how we got here. The subject is pervasive, touching our lives on many levels.

Within these pages are notes regarding professional studies and books, and also research regarding my own deep familial roots. The latter is a subject of interest mainly to me. Yet by seeing an instance of what information can be discovered, others with inherent interest in such things may become inspired to do an analysis of their own.


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